Our International Advisory Council includes distinguished individuals from a multitude of fields that share a common vision
Irene Vantaraki, Chair, Greek House Davos
Dr. Barbara Kolm, Vice President, Central Bank of Austria
Rhett Power, Editor Forbes magazine
Konstantinos Foutzopoulos, Executive Director, Greek House Davos
George Kremlis, Principal Advisor to the Prime Minister for energy, climate, environment and circular economy, Honorary Director, European Commission, Mandated by DG ENV for Circular Economy and Insularity
Nikos Salapataras, Chairman International Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHAF) and Salas Group SA
Constantinos Christofides, Professor of Physics, Chairman Board of Directors of the Cyprus Cancer Research, Institute 4th Rector of University of Cyprus (UCY).
Agim Selami, Executive Director at ZIP Institute
Niko Efstathiou, Journalist and communications specialist
Aristofanis Kastritseas, Policy assistant
Dr. Christos Mylonas, Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement Consultant, World Health Organisation (WHO)
John Charalambakis, CEO Blacksummit Group
Simos Anastasopoulos, President, Association of S.A. & Limited Liability Companies, President, The Council on Competitiveness of Greece, Chairman & CEO, PETSIAVAS S.A., President Emeritus, American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
Jérôme Bindé, Writer and futurist, f. Deputy Assistant Director-General and Director of the Office of Foresight of UNESCO, Vice-President of Prospective 2100, Member of the Club of Rome, France
Ambassador Antonio Taquis Ochoa, f. Ambassador of Panama to Greece and Cyprus; General Director & Owner, Panama Shipping Agency & Services
Dr. Venetia Koussia, Executive Director of Council on Competitiveness of Greece, Independent Non-Executive Director at Attica Bank, Non-Executive Director at American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Founder of VenetiaKoussia.net
Rehan Chaudri, Executive Chairman of Altan LLC, Director Global Strategic Projects, Kingdem Capital, Executive Director Global Strategy, CAS Venture Capital
Aris Xenofos, Vice Chairman ELLAKTOR GROUP
Hussein Fahmy, Actor, Director & Activist
Dr. Magdi El Halawani, Business Development & Public relations professional
Ambassador Alexandros Mallias, f. Ambassador of Greece to Washington, Skopje and Tirana
Michael Pitsinos, Global Strategic Advisor, Pavilion Investment Group
John M. Nomikos, Chairman, European Intelligence Academy (EIA)
Angela Stathi, Global Policy Expert at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Stavros Isaakidis, Vice President & General Manager, TEONOVA A.E.