Maria Dendropoulou
Senior Advisor

Maria Dendropoulou has a background in archaeology and sustainable heritage management from UCL, London. Her moto is “Get things done!”.

Merging her international business experience from Europe and the Middle East, Maria is actively involved with investment consultancy for multinational conglomerates, developers, private equity funds and REICs. She is also working alongside with entrepreneurs as a researcher for sustainable development practices.

She is volunteering as a scientific consultant for several Greek-based cultural heritage companies. Since 2018, she is the elect General Secretary of the NGO Association of Cultural Heritage Consultants. Since 2012, Maria is the founder and owner of Archaeology 100%, a free platform for the promotion of heritage management worldwide.

Maria represents the very heart of the objective of Greek House Davos, as she is engaging with the promotion of cultural heritage with ultimate goal the attraction of healthy investment from across the globe aiming to the sustainable development of Greece.