09 Apr 2024

The Greek Wire - March 2024

Global Outlook and 2024 Photographic highlights

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Continuing our thoughtful discussion with the esteemed members of our community, we are pleased to provide you with the latest updates on our work.

Perspectives on the Global Outlook, by Irene Vantaraki Founder and Chair of GHD

Geopolitical challenges
In Davos 2024, participants observed and analyzed global trends under a crystal-clear scope, including the ability of geopolitical challenges to disrupt what used to be perceived as the “normality”, especially in the global trade routes. With inflation persisting worldwide, despite the initial signs of deflation in certain strong economies, societies are being called to safeguard their trust towards national and European Institutions.

While the core objective of implementing sustainable practices is not in question, across the Union, more and more leading business voices are calling the European leadership to showcase an effective operational framework, able to enhance the competitiveness of European industries across the planet. With global antagonism rising, focusing on underexplored areas holding tremendous value through precious metals, Europe shall discuss and decide on issues of paramount importance, which will shape its own future, along with its capacity to continue its values-based leadership.

Greece’s strengthened position
By regaining the investment grade, which signaled the end of the decade-long crisis, Greece is now in a position to attract significant investment interest, further reinforcing its crucial role as the pillar of stability in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. Its stock market is experiencing a major upward bounce, while the financial sector initiates the progressive return to its regional presence. In this framework, the recent enhancement of the partnership with Egypt, along with the complimentary establishment of a bilateral High-Level Cooperation Council, signify a new era of advanced regional economic potential, including energy resources and infrastructure.

A strategic approach with India
As two of the most influential ancient civilizations, united by their strong cultural heritage, Greece and India have initiated a long-term approach towards establishing a partnership of change. Athens and New Delhi have aligned priorities across various sectors, including infrastructure and ports, energy, shipping, technology, and food. Greece undertakes a critical role in the emerging IMEC, the India – Middle East – Europe Economic Corridor, while India has declared an invitation to Greek companies, encouraging them to examine business opportunities in the country.

The new upcoming initiative by the Greek House Davos - Europe at the Crossroads
Greek House Davos, firm in its commitment to promoting constructive public dialogue, is set to organize a productive event, in late May, filled with key insights from leading stakeholders, focusing on the core stakes for the European Elections. Keep an eye out for relevant updates in the upcoming weeks.

Presenting the photo gallery of our 2024 Davos Annual Meeting

In Davos 2024, we had the distinguished honor to facilitate esteemed leaders of the global business and political communities, and you may follow the link below and take a closer look at some of the key highlights that took place.