Our Mission: Enhance Greece’s Economic Performance
Greek House Davos is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit initiative that aims to enhance Greece’s presence in the environment and network of World Economic Forum.
Our goal is to forge and sustain partnerships for change among the public and the private sector at the domestic and the international level.
We are committed to promoting informed debate about Greece’s role in the world and Greece’s advantages as an investment destination.
Greek House Davos is a platform for ideas and multi-stakeholder dialogue, bringing together decision-makers, business leaders and influential foundations & organizations within and beyond Europe, to promote Greece’s brand and attract more and long-standing investments.
Greek House Davos will be organising a flagship series of physical and virtual closed-door events, to trigger debate around policy strategies to accelerate Greek economic expansion.
Our objective is to enhance the quality of intercultural dialogue and engage in the promotion of cultural heritage, social cohesion and human development, which constitute necessary preconditions for a sound and healthy investment environment. Further, Greek House Davos aims to enhance understanding that international economic environment is crucial for domestic policies to succeed in the long term; and hence, states should engage themselves more in global economic activities.