Our guest speakers in our online dialogues
Prime Minister, Republic of Kosovo*
f. President of the Republic of Croatia
f. Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina
f. Minister of Justice, Romania
f. Minister of Foreign Affairs, MP, Hellenic Republic
f. Deputy Minister of Justice, Albania
Senior Fellow, Agora Strategy Group, Brussels
United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom during the Obama Administration, Founder and Chair of the Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce
Minister of Justice and Public Order, Republic of Cyprus
Deputy Minister for Demography & Family Policy & Gender Equality, Hellenic Republic
Secretary General for Demography and Family Policy and Gender Equality
President of Greek National Tourism Organization
Executive Director of the AC Laskaridis Charitable Foundation
Prime Minister of Albania
Vice-President of the European Commission, Promoting our European Way of Life
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Montenegro
Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European & Eurasian Affairs, US Department of State, USA
Deputy Director, European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), Head of ECFR Sofia
Secretary General for International Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hellenic Republic
Advisor to the Prime Minister & National Coordinator for Regional Economic Area, Albania
Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Greece
f. Ambassador of Greece to Washington, Skopje and Tirana
Writer and futurist, f. Deputy Assistant Director-General and Director of the Office of Foresight of UNESCO, Vice-President of Prospective 2100, Member of the Club of Rome, France
Principal Advisor to the Prime Minister for energy, climate, environment and circular economy, Honorary Director, European Commission, Mandated by DG ENV for Circular Economy and Insularity
General Secretary for Natural Environment and Water, Ministry for Environment and Energy, Greece
f. Senator and Minister of Education, Member of the Board of the South Center, Brazil
Executive Director SEED, Ex-Chief SCP, UNEP Senior Systems and Sustainability Expert, Greece / Mediterranean
President of ANSA Sustainable Value, France
President and Founder of Instituto InclusArtiz, Brazil and Portugal
Chair of the European Network of Environment and Sustainable Advisory Councils, director of the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia, Spain
Vice-president of Superior Agribusiness Board and Head director of Agribusiness Department of Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP), Brazil
Executive Director, Greek House Davos
Chair, Greek House Davos
Minister of Development and Investments, Government of the Hellenic Republic
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Government of the United Kingdom
Vice - President, European Investment Bank
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, for Economic Diplomacy and Openness, Hellenic Republic
Co-Chair, Three Seas Initiative, Atlantic Council; f. US Ambassador to Poland and CEO, La Prairie
f. Ambassador of Panama to Greece and Cyprus; General Director & Owner, Panama Shipping Agency & Services
Vice President, Central Bank of Austria
State Secretary, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Serbia
Secretary General of Digital Governance and Simplification of Procedures, Hellenic Republic