Dr. Barbara Kolm
f. Vice President, Central Bank of Austria

Dr. Barbara Kolm is the Vice President of the Austrian Central Bank, Director of the Austrian Economics Center (#1 Independent Think Tank in Austria and #21 in the world), President of the Hayek Institut, Professor of Austrian Economics at the University of Donja Gorica in Montenegro, and serves on several supervisory boards e.g. Vice President of the Austrian Central Bank; Vienna Insurance Group,Supervisory Board of Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein; Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien. She was appointed Vice-Chair of the UN ITU Focus Group on Environmental Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence and other Emerging Technologies (AI4EE) and Chair of the Thematic Group on the United for Smart Sustainable City Index.

She has given numerous talks on some of the most pressing economic issues of our time, such as the geopolitical challenges posed by a rising China and the need for serious economic reforms to the bloated welfare states in Europe. Dr. Kolm not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. She has successfully managed private enterprises and non-profit organizations, and has been engaged in other entrepreneurial activities, for instance building the Austrian Economics Center from scratch to being the leading think tank in Austria within 12 years. Additionally, she is the founder and organizer of the Free Market Road Show, a forum for discussions and the exchange of ideas, in co-operation with over 100 leading think tanks and universities.

Speaker at international conferences (exemplary):

- UNO, Digital Transformation of Cities, December 2020

- GTIPA, COVID and Economic Consequences, October 2020

- UNO, SDG – Financing Sustainability, September 2020

- CSU, Next Generation EU, August 2020

- SME, What future for cash vs. digital currencies, June 2020

- European Economic Senate, Monetary Policy, April 2020

- CPAC, Healthcare, Washington DC, Feber 2020

- National Defense College, New Delhi, November 2019

- US Airforce Base, Ramstein, September 2019

- FreedomFest, Las Vegas, July 2019

- European Economic Senate, June 2019

- Geneva Group International, Budapest, September 2018

- Merck Pharma, St. Ullrich, September 2018

- U4SSC, Malaga, May 2018

- International Atlantic Economic Society, London, March 2018

- BIO Convention, San Diego, June 2017

- Real Estate Impactor 2017, Gdansk, May 2017

- Widening the Pathways to Open Societies, Panama, February 2017

Awards and Honors (excerpt)

- Global IP Award for Excellence in Advocacy, by the Global Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Center of the US Chamber of Commerce, 12/2016

- Ranked in 64th place out of 100 top influencers in free market economy in 2017 by newsmax.com

- Hayek Society Award, Recipient of the Global Network Award; German Hayek Society, 06/2019

Membership in national and international advisory commissions.