Ibrahim Hammouda
Cross-Cultural Business Expert (Egypt-Greece)

Ibrahim Hammouda, Representative of the Foreign Affairs Institute of Greece in Egypt, is currently working on the project to connect Alexandria to Kavala by means of a maritime, commercial trade route. Since being a Shafik Gabr Fellow in 2017, he has been active in business consultation in association with Mr. Gabr. Ibrahim previously served the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. as an assistant to Congressman Alex Mooney, and participated in the Congressman’s successful election campaign of 2018.

Ibrahim is well-connected with various global investors, as well as internationally-connected institutions, such as Drew University, where he took part in peace-and-reconciliation negotiations.

After contributing to the First Kavala Summer Conference, in 2022, Ibrahim started to engage more closely with Greece in the field of business, with the aim of achieving more prosperity for both Egypt and Greece.

Ibrahim assists many prominent, Egyptian businessmen with managerial aspects of their companies, and provides consultation on widening investment through the development of commercial partnerships.

Ibrahim is also a published writer, and was chosen as one of the best 150 young writers in Egypt in 2014.