20 May 2021 17:00 - 18:30 Europe/Athens

2nd Virtual Open Roundtable: “Rights, Representation, Resources: Fostering Gender Equality in the 21st century”

Gender equality remains even today more a theoretical declaration than a practical reality.

What are the necessary steps for a meaningful and sustainable equality between men and women in terms of respect for rights, representation in leading groups and equal access, income and treatment?

Distinguished women leaders share their own success story, discuss pathways for a gender-inclusive society and exchange their views on the dynamic emergence of women in the post-pandemic era as equal and influential participants of the business, social and political sphere.  

Under the auspices:


Galatia Laskaraki
Editor in Chief Marie Claire Greece


Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook
United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom during the Obama Administration, Founder and Chair of the Global Black Women’s Chamber of Commerce
Emily Yiolitis
Minister of Justice and Public Order, Republic of Cyprus
Maria Syrengela
Deputy Minister for Demography & Family Policy & Gender Equality, Hellenic Republic
Yanna Hormova
Secretary General for Demography and Family Policy and Gender Equality
Angela Gerekou
President of Greek National Tourism Organization
Angeliki Kosmopoulou
Executive Director of the AC Laskaridis Charitable Foundation